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ABOUT:  Brooklyn's medieval town-square  with markets one day, fairs the next
followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.

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Brooklyn Lyceum Building Sold at Auction

(but we hope to get it back as the legal dust settles)

Fraud, Perjury and Misrepresentation unaddressed by state and federal court.

The Brooklyn Lyceum was slated for a bankruptcy auction yesterday because an unfair court system had ignored our allegations of  fraud, perjury and misrepresentation as well as our allegation that the state court was not allowed to enter any decision at all, let alone the one it did enter.  In essence, the court lacked the jurisdiction (the right) to rule on anything in a case that was abandoned.


We have come to be concerned about the judge, Carla Craig, who is handling the case.  After we reached out to the Lyceum mailing list, facebook, twitter and a few other places we received some disconcerting information.  That information has caused us great concern and we , and a team of helpers, are busy reviewing every decision Carla Craidg has done since 2005 as well as all decisions on the core topics in the Second Circuit, the Circuit in which Brooklyn resides. The Second Circuit includes New York, Conneticutt and Vermont. We will post the results as they firm up.

Here are the points.

--The Lyceum believes that  fraud and perjury occurred on the part of Sharon Stern (Partner), Cristina Bost Seaton (Associate) and William Sandler (Senior Counsel) of Troutman Sanders.  That allegation is based on documents that Troutmand Sanders has placed into evidence in state court as well as federal court.
--Our crowd sourcing efforts have shown that Carla Craig may have a cousin who is a longtime partner in Troutman Sanders who is a colleague of William Sandler.

 Our "public" data will be here:

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