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Brooklyn's medieval town-square  with markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.   Currently trying to avoid our own public hanging.

Do the judicial means justify the judicial ends?  Is due process dead as a meaningful construct in Brooklyn?

...Justice delayed is Justice denied, so please sign the petition...

The Battle for the Brooklyn Lyceum is in full swing.

#1 - We have requested all of the case numbers ever assigned to US District Court Judge William F. Kuntz due to his taking judicial action without notice and his failure to issue physical decisions thereby failing to address any of the issues presented in any motion papers.  

All I can say is shame on any Justice that sweeps things under the rug for the convenience of any party or for another justice.

William F. Kuntz:  Harvard University and Harvard Law School Graduate as well as a professor of law at Brooklyn Law School.


WFK Request





    To inquire about booking email us .  

    Music, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Wedding, Party, Convention, etc.


    We are plotting a regular children's theater, learning and music program for when this all plays out.

    If you are interested in participating (set design, directing or even bringing your own group to the Lyceum) email us  for info about upcoming organizational meeting.


    A ten minute play festival for the ages where the swamp meets the slope.

    Email us () a 10 minute or less play you would like to see on a Lyceum Stage.


    The Lyceum is Brooklyn's biggest theatrical stage.  Looking for productions that can fit into our schedule.  Interested in staging your work in a glorious relic?

    Email us .


    5,000-12,000 square feet of space for markets. Lyceum has hosted Comicons, Craft Markets, Mutt Shows and Festivals.

    Talk to us .


    We are breathing some life into our old series (Live at The Lyceum).  To start we will be putting on an occasional night of music.  If you or your group want to submit you act email us a link to your work .