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Legal - Due process or bust....All I Can Stands - A look under the judicial hood.

What to do when the facts, law and precedent are on your side and the courts artfully ignore all three?

The Lyceum has been on the receiving end of some pretty odd decisions, contrary to facts, law and precedent.

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If the Courts won't address the issues, arguments, facts, laws and precedent, maybe its time to look under the judicial hood.  Here are a list of judges we have had cases before where the facts, law and precedent say one thing but the decisions are plainly evasive maneuvers.



JudgeCourtUndergradLaw SchoolLaw Firm(s)TeachingLyceum Issues / CommentsMore Depth
Laura JacobsonSupremeBrooklyn Law SchoolHeld hearing without notice, took sua sponte action without notice.
Kathryn FreedCivilTempleNew York Law SchoolNONENONEExceeded jurisdiction by ruling where the laws preclude any judgement.
Donald Scott KurtzSupremeBrooklyn CollegeBrooklyn Law School

Exceeded jurisdiction by ruling where the laws preclude any judgement.

Sat on signed motion long enough that it was impossible to serve. Currently reviewing 16,000 cases to see under what circumstances an order goes 6 days from signing to clerks office.

Carla Craig (Freedman)BankruptcyWilliams CollegeUniversity of Michigan

Absurd definition of extrinsic, shaved days off of time to present papers when what they presented was inconvenient, artfully ignored inconvenient facts, law and arguments.

William KuntzUS District HarvardHarvard Law SchoolHeld hearing without notice, took sua sponte action without notice.
Brian M. CoganUS DistrictUniversity of IllinoisCornell Law SchoolOh, so many.  Will whittle them down to illustrative examples soon.
Carol Bagley AmonUS DistrictWilliam and MaryUniversity of VirginiaRe-assigned case without notice in violation of statute.

 *Note #1: All of the judges above will have their procedures and decisions reviewed in detail by a panel of regular people, attorneys, law professors and anonymous judges.  We are trying to figure out how to manage the data.

** Note #2: If you have had dealings with these judges (positive or negative), we want to know.  Contact us at .

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