THE BROOKLYN LYCEUM (aka) Public Bath #7 : Brooklyn's Medieval Town-Square

Designed by Raymond Francis Almirall who also designed 4 Brooklyn Carnegie Libraries & the Emigrant Savings Bank. 
Markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings. 


If Park Slope Resident and Federal Judge Carla M. Craig "Blinks" away due process, these things will never be at the Lyceum again.
There will be three less theater spaces for Park Slope / Gowanus and Blink Fitnesss will usher in the demise of at least 5 gyms.
All because Judge Carla Craig ignores Due Process (Notice and Opportunity to be heard) with vigor.


Rest assured, the Brooklyn Mutt Show will be back.  Until that time we will be stumping some animal causes.
Email us with ideas at

Rest assured, the Lyceum Craft Markets will be back.  Until that time we will be stumping some crafty things.
Email us with ideas at .

Rest assured, we will be back.
Keep sending us links to your work and we will salt that information away for later use.
Until that time we will be stumping some comics causes.
Email us with ideas at

Pizza, Coffee, Muffins, Ice Cream ...

5,000-12,000 square feet of space for markets. Lyceum has hosted Comicons, Craft Markets, Mutt Shows and Festivals.
Talk to us .

Basketball, Baseball, Zumba ...

Inquire about booking : .  
Music, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Wedding, Party, Convention, etc.

We are plotting a regular children's theater, learning and music program for when this all plays out.
If you are interested in participating (set design, directing or even bringing your own group to the Lyceum) email us  for info about upcoming organizational meeting.

We are breathing some life into our old series (Live at The Lyceum).  To start we will be putting on an occasional night of music.  If you or your group want to submit you act email us a link to your work 

A ten minute play festival for the ages where the swamp meets the slope.
Email us () a 10 minute or less play you would like to see on a Lyceum Stage.

The Lyceum is Brooklyn's biggest theatrical stage.  Looking for productions that can fit into our schedule.  Interested in staging your work in a glorious relic?
Email us .

While the Lyceum is in  A Year of Hell getting ready to reset the timeline, we are still plotting the calendar for when we are free to act again.

Feel free to approach us with ideas, projects, and, if you have them, dates.  We will be sifting and sorting much material so we can make a quick job of getting things running again.

NOTE: We are NOT collecting any monies while we plan.  As such we can make no commitments. Drop us a line to stay in touch.

NOTE #2 : We are holding meetings and scheduling times to talk about programming at the Lyceum for 2015/2016.  .

At least the Borg, Greystone, realized they were in over their head making the Lyceum residential.

But couldn't they do better than Blink ?

From Yelp review...

Poor customer care. The business of running a gym is more than opening the doors dusting the equipment and cleaning the bathroom  (which is done below average at this facility but is marginally acceptable for the low monthly fee). Would not recommend BLINK to anyone due to the poor unacceptable customer care and less than acceptable facilities!

And Landmarks is gonna let them cut two new entrances out of the facade?  Not cool.  Due process savaged for a chain...

When Judges Cheat to Win

JUDGES WHO CHEATED THE BROOKLYN LYCEUM TO WIN: Brian M. Cogan, Carol Bagley Amon, William F. Kuntz, Carla M Craig, Donald Scott Kurtz, Laura Jacobson

--The Brooklyn Lyceum has been through a decade long struggle against Jean Miele for contract violations and alleged general dishonesty.  During that time the mortgage note on the building got sold to a new partner of Jean Miele.  That "partner" initiated a foreclosure against the Lyceum.

--Then the economy tanked and that partner sold almost all of their resources to save one project.  They sold the note on the building for 33 cents on the dollar to a group run by Arthur Cornfeld  and David Topping.  They bought the note at a very odd time, legally speaking, as they bought it 18+/- months after the Lyceum had defaulted (not answered) the foreclosure claim.  

--Well, there is a law on the books CPLR 3215c that says if you fail to prosecute a default for more than 12 months you have abandoned the claim (foreclosure) through inaction.  When we raised that with NY State Supreme Court Justice Donald Scott Kurtz, he was unaware of the statute and had his Law Clerk, Gina Levy Abadi, look up the statute.  

--Judge Kurtz then asked Christina Bost Seaton why they didn't refile the claim?  Christina cried that the foreclosure that they bought, as abandoned no less, had taken so long that she didnt't think it was fair to make someone who bought an abandoned complaint start a new complaint.  Judge then gave Christina Bost Seaton time to respond.  Respond she did.  She produced an affidavit from .. who said that the Lyceum had been given several extensions but that he had no records of the extensions, either on paper or phone records.  Well this is cute.   My attorney said, he had no records either. The caselaw in 3215c says that an unsubstantiated, challenged and controverted  attorney affidavit had no value.  That's what we said and showed in opposition papers.  But wonderful Judge Kurtz ignored our papers and found that there had been extensions.  Thus continues the trail of judiciary oddities being played out as that finding was completely inappropriate, in general, and ridiculous on the face of the record when the decision had been made.

Check the tabs below for specifics and get an understanding of how Brooklyn Judges seem to break the law regularly.  

>>>>The issues are bigger than whether the Lyceum continues as a theater or event space.  If anyone has had trouble like this with their judges, we want to know.<<<<

Due Process Primer


Due Process is the principle that the courts must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person according to the law. Due process holds the courts subservient to the law of the land protecting individual persons from the state. When a court harms a person, without following the exact course of the law, then that is a procedural due process violation which offends the rule of law.

Carla Craig's Math Challenge-01

Chief Bankruptcy Judge and Park Slope Resident Carla Craig's Math Challenge : Where 7 = 6.

We made a motion to reconsider the fact that a timely paper was filed and not addressed.  Judge Craig doubled down saying it was late despite the clear evidence to the contrary.
We then made a motion to vacate HERE.  Judge Craig tripled down and ignored papers in that motion that were timely filed creating yet another decision seemingly without due process. See it HERE.
Having tired of the repeated judicial shenanigans, we have thrown yet another motion to reconsider into the mix for, get this, again, because the court fails to address issues raised (are they inconvenient).  See it HERE.


Greystone proposes unnecessary damages to Lyceum for Greystone profit.
Removal the terra cotta parapet wall of the Brooklyn Lyceum, thereby changing protected architectural features.
  • Removal of the front entrance to be replaced needlessly with something when Greystone (headed by Stephen Rosenberg of this pompous rap domination video -  Watch it. It will make your skin crawl.  
  • Addition of rooftop air conditioner units for the building that was not designed for such weight (mostly skylights) and could damage the building when they could just as readily use groundwater cooling in the abandoned pool below the Brooklyn Lyceum to air condition all of the apartments / condos and commercial space.  

This wanton destructionof the NYC Landmark and listed on the National Historic Register should not happen this way.

Here is the calendar text:  Presentation and review of a Certificate of Appropriateness application submitted to the Landmarks Preservation Commission for the creation of new at-grade entrances at 4th Avenue and at President Street facades, removal of existing perimeter fencing, partial lowering of parapet wall, removal of chimney and the addition of rooftop HVAC equipment at 227 4th Avenue aka Public Bathhouse No. 7 (northeast corner President Street/4th Avenue), Individual Landmark. 

Brooklyn Lyceum (aka Public Bath #7)

Brooklyn's Medieval Town-Square: 

Designed by Raymond Francis Almirall who also designed 4 Carnegie Libraries in Brooklyn and the Emigrant Savings Bank in Lower Manhattan. 
Markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.   Currently trying to avoid our own public hanging via a maddening array of due process violations by the courts.

Paleo Espresso

All the flavor and none of the labor.

Refrigerated, pre-drawn Intelligentsia espresso for your Americanos, Lattes, Cappuccionos, Mochas and Iced Drinks.

Roxy's Tee Parlour

Thanks to Judge Carla Craig, Roxy doesn't currently have a spot a the the Lyceum.
Check here out online instead.

Brooklyn Lyceum Goods

Tees & Prints