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Brooklyn's medieval town-square  with markets one day, fairs the next followed by everything from professional wrestling to public hangings.  

Currently trying to avoid our own public hanging. 


  Just like the Star Trek Voyager episode A Year of Hell, looks like we have to watch the system lay waste to the Lyceum for a protracted period of time whilst we work in the background to unwind some unwarranted (and unfair and illegal) meddling.  We believe we are right on the facts and the law and will pursue both till the issues are actually addressed and not just artfully avoided.

  With regards to booking we are plotting to hit the ground running when the A Year of Hell is over and the timeline is reset.  So keep those booking requests and co-production inquiries coming.

And so the censorship begins...
#SourceIssueWe have archived all comments on the articles.


The Real Deal -

Article that spawned reasoned debate hidden from normal view byThe Real Deal.  The Real Deal published this article at 5:30PM on Feb 25, 2015: REAL DEAL ARTICLE WITH QUASHED COMMENTARY 

25 comments on the article by 8:30AM on Feb 26.  While adding another comment at 8:45 AM comments were closed.  15 hours after posting an article commenting was no longer allowed.

How often does that happen?  We looked at all articles that had comments on them in the month prior to the article.  There were 200.  In only one other article with comments was  commenting disabled.  Why?  Could it be that Greystone  (see promo video : GREYSTONE RAP) or their attorneys (Greenberg Traurig of Left Shark  Katy Perry fame : KATY PERRY / LEFT SHARK)  influenced The Real Deal?

(a commenter saying what a US Trustee/Attorney filed wasn't what he actually filed)

minderbender--What I THINK you are basing your argument on is the fact that the U.S. Trustee mistakenly put "Notice of Presentment of Order Dismissing Case" on the top of the document he filed. 


Brooklyn Paper -


Article that spawned reasoned debate hidden from normal view by Brooklyn Paper.

You can no longer get this article through the normal website as the Brooklyn paper has removed ALL articles from February 20th from regular view.

If you go to and hit the previous issue you will find no article from February 20, 2015.  Not even the article about Cuomo calling for a special election.  Odd.


From some comments...

--Federal Judge says you get 7 days to respond from date of entry of an order and then calculates from the date of signing the order leaving you only 6 days? Yup.

--how about posting links to the actual pleadings, motions, and court decision, rather than trading in unsubstantiated innuendo? Its public record, come on BP, try being a cub reporter at least. sheeesh.

--If the court violated statutory process, the appeal should be allowed to move forward. Why the judge was so quick to not afford an extra day is puzzling. Appeals happen.


Movies, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Sports, Food, Debate

The Brooklyn Lyceum


    To inquire about booking email us .  

    Music, Theater, Dance, Comedy, Wedding, Party, Convention (Small-ish), etc.


    We are plotting a regular children's theater, learning and music program for when this all plays out.

    If you are interested in participating (set design, directing or even bringing your own group to the Lyceum) email us  for info about upcoming organizational meeting.


    A ten minute play festival for the ages where the swamp meets the slope.

    Email us () a 10 minute or less play you would like to see on a Lyceum Stage.


    The Lyceum is Brooklyn's biggest theatrical stage.  Looking for productions that can fit into our schedule.  Interested in staging your work in a glorious relic?

    Email us .


    5,000-12,000 square feet of space for markets. Lyceum has hosted Comicons, Craft Markets, Mutt Shows and Festivals.

    Talk to us .


    We are breathing some life into our old series (Live at The Lyceum).  To start we will be putting on an occasional night of music.  If you or your group want to submit you act email us a link to your work .