Greystone Fixer / Cleaner

Can Curtis Pollock clean up Jeffrey Simpson Perjury and Forgery?

Greystone had no answer to Perjury and Forgery allegations ... so they double down with more perjury!!!
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Does Rosenberg know of COO perjury?

Greystone backs up forgery and perjury by Jeffrey Simpson, a low level corporate officer, with ... more perjury by Stephen Rosenberg's Number 1, Curtis Pollock (Greystone Corporate Co-Chief Operating Officer).

When we last took the pulse of the situation, we filed a motion to dismiss a Greystone lawsuit because the deed put forth was clearly forged and Jeffrey Simpson committed perjury at the outset of the lawsuit swearing to have read a complaint that had not yet been written.

Greystone had until November 21, 2017, to respond to the motion to dismiss their lawsuit about the Brooklyn Lyceum Deed.

That day passed, as did 44 more.

By the time that Greystone attempted to answer the motion to dismiss, some 45 days late, they had, by not responding by November 21, 2017, admitted to anything in the affidavit in support of the motion to dismiss.

Specifically, Greystone admitted that Jeffrey Simpson had lied (committed perjury) when he swore that he had read the complaint drafted by his attorney, Avery Mehlman of Herrick and Feinstein.

In addition Greystone admitted, by their non-response, that the deed they filed with the City Register and with the complaint as their proof of ownership, was a forgery.

In addition, Avery S. Mehlman admitted to committing perjury and misrepresenting facts to the court in general, and Ellen Spodek, in particular.

Well, as it would unfold, Jeffrey Simpson is out at Greystone (seems that our allegations of perjury and forgery might be a problem).

He has run away and taken another nimrod warrior (Jared Chassen) with him to a new venture that, as far as we can tell, lacks a website we can highlight and publicize.

In his stead, probably as a fixer / cleaner (a la Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction) is Stephen Rosenburg's right hand man, Curtis Pollock, Co-Chief Operating Officer and with Greystone since 1993. Clearly, he is not put in charge of things that are day to day.

And, what does Co-Chief Operating Officer Curtis Pollock do in his first act in the case? Curtis Pollock, just as Jeffrey Simpson and Avery Mehlman, commits perjury by lieing in an affidavit.

What are the lies?

Well, that is for a later reveal.

Suffice it to say that a CEO (Stephen Rosenberg) that raps about business processes probably is asleep at the switch.

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